Food, food, and more food.

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We have officially been in Charleston 25 days and boy has it flown by! We are on week 4 of our first travel assignment and I cannot say enough good things. First of, our travel company, Aya Healthcare, has been AMAZING. Our recruiter, Deanna, has checked on us weekly and answered my absurd questions even on her days off. The rest of the crew has taken care of us, making sure every detail of our assignment was covered, letting us know that they are always here to help us when we need it. We seriously could not be more thankful that we found such an amazing company to work with. Second of all, the hospital we work at has accepted us so well. I won’t speak for Devin but I will say that the staff in the hemodialysis unit at Roper Hospital has been the KINDEST group of people and have really treated me like one of their own. I know it won’t be this way everywhere we go so I am soaking it all in. There are so many challenges that come with traveling and it can really overwhelm you if you let it. In the beginning it was “where are we gonna live?!?!” and then it was “OMG you guys still paper chart?!?!” Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means counting down the days (because I kinda never wanna leave) but there are definite pros and cons to this whole travel thing (keepin’ it 100%).


If you’ve never been here, let me encourage you to do so, even if only for the food choices this place has to offer. From West Ashley, to downtown, to Mt. Pleasant, I’ll be honest and say I haven’t eaten at a place I didn’t like even ONCE. So far we’ve had Hometeam BBQ, Hideaway Pizza Kitchen, Taziki’s Meditterranean Cafe, Pelican’s Snoballs (x4), Groucho’s (x4), Ye Ole Fashion, Lowcountry Bistro, Edmund’s Oast (x2 thanks Kelly #allthehearteyes), The Watch Rooftop Kitchen, The Lost Dog Cafe (x3), Swig & Swine, Another Broken Egg Cafe, Mex 1 Cantina and D’Allesandro’s Pizza. Before you ask, YES we have cooked ourselves several meals but the food here is just TOO good to miss out on.

Up next on our list to try is:

Hominy Grill, Poogan’s Porch, Callie’s Biscuits, Cru Cafe, Five Loaves Cafe, The Glass Onion, Bowen’s Island (only for Devin), Husk, Trattoria Lucca, and going back to the Tattooed Moose at some point just to name a few!

Have any recommendations? Send them our way!

For those of you wondering how this thing works and what our time here in Charleston looks like, let me explain. We get our workweek jam packed into 3 days. It usually ends up being 13-14hr shifts so anywhere from 36-40 hrs per week. We don’t pick our schedule here and that means we don’t get every day off together but we make it work the best we can. On our days off we jump on the opportunity to explore as much as possible, even if it means walking around the Battery and through the downtown market in 100 degree heat and humidity. We live just a few minutes from downtown and fortunately get to cross over a beautiful bridge every day to and from work. Charleston has the best views and some really great entertainment as well. We have also been to a Charleston Riverdogs Baseball game and went shopping on King Street (thanks Devin, I’m a blessed woman). So far we’ve had 2 groups of visitors come down and think we may even become pretty good tour guides before this contract is up. Thanks for coming to visit us Carly, Ryan, Jace, Brandon, Lesley, and Amber. Seeing your faces made us a little(lot) less homesick.

If you know me and Devin whatsoever, you probably found out quickly that I’m the talker and he’s more of the listener. Most of you would never know it but behind closed doors and with close friends he does like to put in his two cents, even throwing in a joke here and there. So without further ado, let me introduce you to Devin’s Corner. 🙂

The past three weeks have flown by. It seems like yesterday we were making our way down highway 17 from North Myrtle to Charleston to secure the lease on our apartment. The complex we stay at is located in a really good spot. We live far enough away from everything that we don’t get caught up in the heavy traffic yet so close that we can literally come back from the beach and go to downtown all within the hour. The amenities here at the apartment complex are great as well, however, we have not used them that much because, well, we’re in Charleston so who would want to stay at home.

The food here is indeed beyond amazing. We’ve had anything from a good old fashioned burger at burger and ice cream joint to food that involved words I had never heard before; none-the-less it has all been stellar. If you want us to do a blog with a review on some of these places please let us know and we can arrange that.

We have yet to take a “tour” of the city or go to the picturesque tourist attractions like patriots point or some of the plantations but we will in due-time. We have visited the battery a number of times and walked down rainbow row. The battery as well as the waterfront park are some of my favorite places in Charleston. Walking the battery is like being on the beach without all the sand, plus you get to watch big cargo ships and cruise liners go in and out (I’m a nerd like that). I was not impressed with the market in Charleston. It was like walking through a glorified flea market while sweating like a sow as 10 different vendors tried to sell you the same thing.

As Amanda said, if you haven’t been to Charleston, you should definitely add it to your bucket list. It gives you a feeling that cannot be explained and it has been known to take hold of your soul and not let go. Thank you all for taking the time to view our blog! Sorry this is a long one but hopefully now that things have settled and we’ve found somewhat of a routine maybe we can do more shorter ones on specific places. With that being said we would love for this blog to be more interactive with our friends, family, and new comers that are viewing this so if there is anything you want to hear/see about or a restaurant you want to know about please let us know and we’ll do what we can to check it out for you! Again, thank you for taking time to read our blog and we look forward to more posts. 🙂



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